Shiva Yoga

In yogic culture, Shiva is known as a God, but as the first guru or the Adi Guru. He is the adi yogi or first yogi. Out of his realisation, he became estatic and danced all over the mountains (Himalayas) or sat absolutely still. All the yogic postures (asanas) and all the dance forms originated from Shiva's cosmic dance (Shiva Tandava). It does not matter at what level of evolution a person is, and for each and every person there is a way. For every being on the planet there is a certain way that is the advantage of yoga.

Shiva yoga is a living path of inner transformation to enlightenment. Stemming from the Vedas, Shiva yoga addresses our perpetual questions of our origin, destiny and purpose, the purpose of the cosmos, love and compassion. This particular form of yoga or union is devoted to the first yogi Shiva. The practice of spiritual discipline is called sadhana.

Shiva yoga offers special techniques, used as aids and guideposts to help the students on thei path. This sadhana involves meditation, breathing techniques, postures, practice chanting, studying and selfless service (karma yoga). Shiva yoga explains that Shiva plays the role of paving the way through eliminating the impurities and obstacles of the body and mind.

Shiva Yoga Course are available in five parts: beginners level 1, beginners level 2, intermediate level, advanced level-1 and advanced level-2 which includes over 250 postures (asanas), different breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation and purification practice (kriyas).

After successful completion of the Bollyoga Teachers Training Course you can progress to the Advanced Teachers Training Course and become a master of yoga.

The teachers training course is designed for the participant attending the Bollyoga course which is focused purely on Shiva Yoga style.

Learning to become a yoga teacher is truly an endless journey, you never stop learning, you never stop growing and out of this comes something very special that you can share with your students!

Are you interested in becoming a Bollyoga instructor but would like to try a taster class first?

Why not come along to one of our Masterclasses where you will get an idea of what our training covers.

Regional Masterclasses are scheduled across the UK and cost £10 per person for a 2 hour session. They cover everything you need to know about Bollyoga (and Bollyfitness) and include basic brand training, music and routines.

Yoga teaching and want to branch out into something a little different, then Bollyoga is for you. The only requirements are that you are friendly and approachable and are able to provide a reliable, regular service for your members.

Whether you are an independent instructor or from a gym, all instructors must attend an initial 6 hour workshop and then quarterly 2 hour workshops.At the quarterly sessions you will learn new routines and you will receive an updated music selection and new branded merchandise.These quarterly workshops are also offered online if you can't attend in person.

Dates and times of instructor training workshops will be posted on our website. As a Bollyfitness or Bollyoga instructor you will be sent regular reminders via email about It’s also a great place for you to meet other Bollyoga instructors in your area and share ideas.

Check the online calendar for dates and locations of all Masterclasses.

Who can become a Bollyoga instructor?

If you have a background in new training classes for instructors.

The initial Instructor Workshop is charged at £1050 and licences are included in the course price. There are no hidden charges and we will never ask you to pay for training again. There are two types of courses:

1) Bollyoga Fast-track - 10 days of intense training over a 6 week period

2) Bollyoga course - 28weeks of one day training on Saturdays or Sundays 

Call us to see if you are eligible for 50% funding for the Bollyoga course - we're here to help.

Bollyoga Workshops

Once you are Registered Bollyfitness or Bollyoga Instructor you will be sent regular reminders with details of the instructor training workshops. New workshop details will be updated on the website.


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