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I haven’t been to the gym for ages and I am worried about not being able to keep up. Is Bollyfitness right for me?

Absolutely. Bollyfitness is offered for all abilities and fitness levels so try a beginners class first and see how you get on. You will get out as much as you put in so just enjoy it and have fun!

How often do I need to do Bollyfitness in order to see results?

It depends on how hard you work in each class but if you regularly attend one class a week and work hard so you’re out of breath each time, you should start to see your body shape change in around a month. Obviously if you do more than one class a week, the results will show faster.

Can I do Bollyfitness if I have back/joint problems?

Yes. Bollyfitness is a low impact workout so you shouldn’t have any problems enjoying the class. Just make your instructor aware of your ailments at the start of the class and stop if you feel any pain or discomfort during the class.

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